Are You Ashamed You Didn’t See These Lineup Picks That Could Have Made You $700?

I am going to call this a good night. Easily walking away with a few thousand. That’s what happens when you have a bankroll and learn to dominate the statistics.

Chase Utley is the man tonight. You probably should have seen it coming to with how his performance was last night. On top of that, the dude was faded by his team (quick DFS joke there for the guys who get it) on Monday’s lineup against the Mets so I knew he would be hungry to finish out the rest of the week strong. The dude may not have the strongest batting against pitchers in the league lately, but his salary at $3,700 along with all of the other factors that I’m not giving away (yeah right, nice try) make him a steal. Do your research and you will probably know exactly what I am talking about, but I have probably already said too much already.

The other guy dominating it for me in the lineup is Adrian Gonzalez. He came out strong last night and I really felt like he was going to take that momentum and move to dominate on the field tonight. I was right and he is going to be teaming up with Utley to put another $700 in my pockets tonight. When it’s this easy you have to love it.

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2 comments on “Are You Ashamed You Didn’t See These Lineup Picks That Could Have Made You $700?”

  1. Tsu Reply

    Dude you are killing it tonight! I went even on most of my lineup but still walked away with $100. My bank roll isn’t the biggest though so I will take it as a win.

    • Jon Reply

      Thanks brother! Yeah just keep working your lineup strategy and you’ll get better. MLB is just one of those things where you gotta learn to stack it right. Keep balling!

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