Do You Have Any Idea How Much Conforto Made Me Tonight?

Michael Conforto came out of the gate swinging for me tonight boys. Going into today he was up a bit of value but definitely nowhere near where I knew he would be tonight. I had a strong bet on the guy because of hit slugging and hitting averages against right-handed pitchers. Who isn’t going to throw that away when the Mets are playing the Chicago White Sox? You have to be blind to miss that read and throw that away. Granted, I know when I first started out I didn’t see those types of thing. Once you have been around the block a few times you will quickly realize holes that may be present in the lineups of other people. That’s exactly what I did today to cash in heavy (I used a ton of entries because my bankroll is a giant).

On top of that, the guy wasn’t rolling with the highest salary. All in all I was able to pick him up for a solid amount of points that converted into cash for me.

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