Do You Make This Costly Mistake With Your MLB Lineup?

Look guys, I keep getting questions and emails about your lineups and strategies and I just don’t have time to answer all of them. I play DFS to free up my time and try to help others as much as possible, but I don’t sit around my computer all day. That’s the awesome thing about daily fantasy sports. When you start balling you can start actually living your life. I made the ultimate daily fantasy sports betting guide to get you started. It’s free. There’s absolutely zero need to run out and buy a product guys. That guide will get you profitable if you actually read it.

I’m just going to point one thing out that I’m sure you guys already know but seem to forget a lot. I banked tonight and it was because I went in hard on statistically strong players from the same team. I created my duo matchups (super effective strategy that I suggest you think about implementing for yourself) specifically knowing they were going to feed into each other and allow total domination on the field.

I like to play around with a few different teams. There is no doubt about that. That’s just called having a large enough knowledge place to dive into a diverse lineup. However, you will always see me stacking it up in MLB. That’s just what you do. Learn how to do that effectively and you are going to take your breakeven nights to a consistent level of walking away hundreds and thousands richer every single day.


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