Give Me A Consumer And I Will Give You A Builder

What does it mean to constantly focus on being a builder? What does it even mean to “build?” These are good questions that will no doubt arise once you start down the path to creating enough extra income for yourself to become free from your boring job or life. Being a builder comes down to this: you are spending time throughout your day to create things for others, who are known as “consumers.”

That’s all you have. You have ‘builders’ and you have ‘consumers.’ Most people are stuck in the mind frame of being a consumer. These people stay occupied with the “next big thing” and or “what’s new” with celebrities. Clearly, they never reach a point where they can start to live life on their own terms. Instead they just remain in this huge loop that has them begging for a way out but no clear path to do so.

Don’t end up like that. You don’t have to. Instead, make sure that you are spending all of your available free time to create stuff that you will be able to lean on later down the road. For me, that means taking the time to constantly evaluate my lineups and player picks. If you also make money using your computer with DFS, you are going to be in the same boat.

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