Give Me A Fade And I Will Make Money All Day Long

Learning how to fade at the right times in your DFS strategy and player selection decisions will allow you do pick the best players at the very best salary points. If you are constantly watching what others are doing you are sure to miss out on a lot of opportunities to pick up players that can help you to dominate the field and make serious money.

Fading is the art of knowing when to pass. One thing that happens a lot in this line of work is that people will start to hit it big and make a lot of money, but then they quickly abandon their strategy because they think they are above everyone else. When they move to abandon their strategy this normally means that they also start to fade the players that everyone is fading. Then, before you know it the players that everyone was fading become the guys that come out and product the highest amount of points per dollar paid into their salary.

Stay on top of your game and stick to whatever you have decided is going to be your “thing.” Once you have that settled upon, continue to improve upon it, but never move to completely get rid of it. If you are looking to enhance your current framework, check out the ultimate daily fantasy sports betting guide.

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