Guinness Records: Largest Doomsday Bunker Ever Just Built, You Won’t Believe The Price

There’s a huge crowd of people who think things are going to get bad. Building bunkers and storing supplies is definitely a smart move for any situation. In all honesty, “preppers” as they call themselves seem to have it figured out.

We’ve all seen a bunker before. Well, a new one was just finished in Southern Georgia. Most bunkers have the key amenities needed to support life. Not this one.

This one has much more than that. It has several fully-furnished bedrooms, multiple full baths, a beautiful kitchen, and even a home theater. Here’s the computer model they used to go off of:


As you can see, it’s insane. Construction was started sometime in the early 1970s. It’s been a long time coming but things turned out pretty nicely. It’s kind of surprising that it took that long until you take a look at some of the pictures inside. It’s clear that a lot of money and work went into keeping the “luxury appeal” of the bunker high. Here’s the kitchen:

Bunker Kitchen

But, you’re probably wondering, “How much did this thing cost?” It’s a fair question. Well, the answer sings to the tune of 18 million dollars. That’s not a typo. But hey, I guess if you want end-of-the-world protection it comes at a hefty price.

Preppers need to get the word out. Share this article to bring attention to doomsday preparation and planning. The end is probably closer than we think.

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