How Maybin and Martinez Helped Me Dominate My Lineup Tonight

If you aren’t messing with Cameron Maybin, you are messing up. The dude is hitting 14 for 40 against right handers with good curveballs. Keep that in mind when you are divvying out your salary for the day. Normally I stay away from the Tigers, for reasons that I am not going to give away (if you are always following the crowd you are going to miss out on a lot of great picks that will make you the real money). Yet, this guy is just out there killing it. I had to pick him up. At a $3,400 salary he was a steal as well given the value he brought to the lineup. On top of that the dude moved up to the leadoff spot yesterday where he continued to land hits and singles, ultimately putting up points.

I didn’t look away from J.D. Martinez either though. You have to admit, the guy has been pretty volatile in the past month. I decided to pick the guy up because of his homer on Saturday. If that isn’t making you think about some things with your lineup you need to check yourself.

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