How Men Evolved To Fight Dinosaurs And Ravage Women [SCIENCE]

How Men Evolved To Fight Dinosaurs And Ravage Women [SCIENCE]

Men seem to naturally gravitate towards athletic feats and jobs requiring physical labor. That’s okay. It’s how we were made boys. On top of that, violence is another thing we love. Mixed Martial Arts and boxing are sports dominated by males. Coincidence? Absolutely not. Use your noggin.

Furthermore, police and crime stats show that men are a lot more likely to go out and commit a crime of violence. These crimes include murder, assault, and battery.

Is there a specific reason for men to be drawn so much to violence? A lot of psychologists and scientists have been trying to crack the code for a while now. One mental camp says that men are violent because society makes them that way. Another group says men are just born that way.

We wanted to dig further and find the truth. On the front, it appeared that a male’s physiology had to be a huge part of it. But, now studies are coming out that give hints to why that may be.

We used to be hunters and fighters. We used to roam the wilderness and kill. Physical prowess and natural fighting ability were both things highly prized. It wasn’t just on a conscious level though. Females were naturally and subconsciously drawn to the alpha males. They wanted a piece of the action too and were looking to carry the seed of a true warrior.

As you can see, everything comes full circle in the end. Due to the constant struggle for resources and food, only the strongest males survived. Furthermore, the males that were able to also provide safety for females did exceptionally well among tribes.

Ever notice why some guys are just “natural” with girls? Based on the science, their ancestors must have been tribe leaders and solid providers. If you aren’t like that naturally, don’t worry about it. Learning the traits of an alpha male will put you back in the game.

Now you know the background. But, what about the specific traits that correspond with violence? Here it is men:

  1. Faster mental and visual processing. If you don’t think fast reaction times are going to help you out, you probably aren’t a good fighter for a reason.
  2. Thick Upper Back. Ever seen a guy with a huge back? You can bet that guy has a solid base to swing at you from.
  3. Dense Bones. Try getting hit by a piece of wood. Okay now try a piece of steel. Which hurt more? Yup.
  4. High Lung Capacity. You aren’t going to be fighting very long if you end up winded 30 seconds into the confrontation.
  5. More efficient nervous system. If you can pump out adrenalin and testosterone faster than the next guy, you’re probably going to be okay.
  6. Sorry guys. This one doesn’t change and you get what you get. Just know that if you have some height, you got it made in a fight! Your reach will be much longer. Also, if you are at least five-foot-eight, you’re considered average—quit crying.

This is the list of golden nuggets if you’re trying to become a physical beast. If you are a man, stand proud and know you were built for violence. Embrace the fight gentlemen.

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