How To Gather Data And Turn It Into Wins

Being able to have access to a large pool of data will allow you to develop an overall “score” for your lineup. Once you have this data you can pull it into excel and analyze it using mathematical analysis. It really isn’t difficult. All you need to do is be able to filter the data and determine which players and stacks are causing you to have the best Pts/$.

From there you can move to purchase players with low salaries that will contribute points to your bottom line. If you notice that a player matchup is coming up, you can review the players and their perspective performances in an effort to determine whether your pick will be successful. For instance, if you pick a batter that is terrible against left-handed pitchers, you know you will need to determine how good the pitcher is in an objective fashion to understand the chance of you scoring.

The best way to gather this pool of data is to undergo a lot of 50/50 matches. You will be able to rack up a large play log. Then you can use your perfected lineup to enter into large games or satellite competitions where you can make the serious cash that you see all of the best players making.

None of this is new. If you are lost or need a refresher, check out the ultimate daily fantasy sports betting guide.

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