If You Catch Yourself Arguing, Stop and Remember This

If You Catch Yourself Arguing, Stop and Remember This

If you catch yourself arguing with someone, stop. There is literally no reason to even waste your time. Most people don’t have their minds up and don’t even know what they want in the first place.

All that it is going to do is end up draining your energy and time. Furthermore, it isn’t going to bring any results, which is what’s going to further your bottom line.

In the end, you’re just going to be upset. If you let someone control your emotions like that, it also shows that you have a very low level of emotional maturity. You don’t get upset at people, because they don’t matter. If you are getting all upset because someone said something offensive to you, it’s clear that they have a hold on how you feel. If you notice this, cut it off immediately and be done with it. A year from now you will look back and thank me.

I know what you’re thinking: “but what if people think I am blah blah blah?” Forget about it. People can think whatever they want. Are they paying your bills or leading to your happiness when you lay in bed at night? They most certainly are not, so quit acting like it. You don’t need the approval from anyone. When you get upset and engage in an argument with someone else, you are basically coming to them on your hands and knees with your palms out asking for an emotional donation. Stand up and start acting like a man. Start acting alpha.

Furthermore, no matter what you do, people are going to make up their minds. They have a set way of behaving and they are going to stay that way. You throwing words in their face isn’t going to even make it budge. It’s a lose-lose situation for everyone involved.

And honestly, why do you even like those people? Once you have made it to a certain level in life, you will realize that some people just don’t get it. There’s nothing wrong or evil with it. It’s just how it is. Recognize this as fast as you possibly can and move along.

Quit being scared of that buyer on the other end of the sales call. Quit being scared of that cute girl eyeing you from across the room. Quit being scared of starting on that awesome business idea that you have.

But above all else, quit arguing and start doing. Those other people didn’t help you to get to where you are at and they aren’t going to help you reach your goals either.

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