If You Didn’t Pick Odor and Desmond for the Rangers You Just Lost Out On $1,300

What’s up boys. We are playing in multiple games tonight like always. Trying to reach baller status and start stacking it? You gotta play big in multiple games. That’s how the game rolls.

Odor was clearly a tossup tonight given his ruling that is about to come out. The dude got into a huge brawl with the Blue Jays on the 15th, but I still love the guy. He even landed a square punch on Jose Bautista, which gives him even more points in my book. But, I digress. I like him because he make me money. He was valued lower this month but I really thought he could come out against the LA Angels given their pitcher. In the end, it paid off and he made me a very happy man.

Desmond is just an animal. Looking at his value coming into this game you had to spot that something big was about to happen. Hitting is running the day. Just look at what he did on Tuesday with that multi-hit game. The guy is clearly on fire and I made a smart move by betting on his momentum going into this lineup.

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