If You’re Playing These Guys From the Red Sox Tonight, You’re About to Make Easy Money

Let’s get right into it guys. We are here to make some money. So what did we do? We clearly put some stock in Mookie Betts, even though the guy’s salary is a bit high for me on his position. But, he delivers and boy did he come through tonight. He crushed a huge solo shot in the Green Monster during the fourth inning and then decided to deliver again with a grand slam in the seventh inning. It was incredible. He’s happy and I’m happy because he is making me easy money. It’s an easy win. Maybe we should meet up for a beer after the game (only half kidding).

On top of him I had some strong predictions for Dustin Pedroia going into this one. For me is the right price, but what really matters is his value. Last night he brought in 15 Fpts. Not bad. I had a strong inclination he was going to crush it in tonight due to the Red Sox having the highest projected run line for the night. The dude is slugging .519 for Christ’s sake. If you didn’t see this one coming, it’s going to be a sad night. You should have picked him. Maybe you’d be getting another round with me.

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