In the End, It’s All About THIS One Thing

Society has programmed you to believe that “power” is a bad word. They make you feel guilty and selfish for pursuing it. Essentially, society told you to be just another drop in the bucket. They don’t want you to cause any waves or stir the pot. Why would they? They don’t truly care about your success. They just want another human being to fuel the machine that continues to take advantage of us all.

If you are looking to make it to the very top where winners dine every night, you are going to have to devote yourself to a life of finding power and then turning that energy into value. This is the real world where you aren’t going to get something for nothing. To achieve the huge, long-lasting results that you dearly want, turning power into value is going to be crucial.

But how exactly do you make this happen? You give amazing content. You engage with our audience constantly. You put your personal brand out there every single day. Eventually, you provide jobs and money to others in exchange for their support along your journey. Money is the fuel that will feed the power and value that you bring into the world. Long term, you will be able to give back to society by raising the quality of life for others around you, whether that is through employment, generous giving, or simply presence.

Anyone who tells you this pursuit of power is evil is just lying to you and themselves. Those people want the playing field to be even. They don’t want you to succeed, because then they will realize that they had an opportunity and blew it. Life is ultimately fair. At the end of your journey you will find that you received value based on the quality of seeds that you planted throughout life. If you barely had the forethought to plant the seeds of success along the way, or allowed the seeds to wither away with a complete disregard for the value of time, you will find your hands empty when you lay your head down for the last time.

I sure don’t want to be you on that day. No thanks. Instead I am going to put in the effort to obtaining true power, and I am going to start yesterday. I suggest you do the same if you want to become a champion.

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