Learn to Do This and You Will Flourish

The road to success takes time and a lot of effort. You aren’t going to get there overnight so don’t expect to. There are plenty of sleepless nights filled with doubts about whether you made the right decision. Pay those doubts no mind, just like you wouldn’t pay any mind to the countless people trying to tell you that you are making a stupid decision that will be irreversible.

Always stop and think “what’s the worst that could happen?” When you truly sit down and look at the possibilities, it isn’t that bad. When you remove any social pressures or narratives being driven at you, you come to the beautifully peaceful understanding that the life in front of you is “all you got.” When you stop playing to some secret narrative that everyone expects you to live up to, something amazing happens.

You start to view your world as a constant tussle between desire and effort. You know what work needs to be done to fulfill your desires. You know how to go about doing that work (or maybe you don’t if you are on this site—cool!). Now it just comes down to execution and follow-through. Once you have those pieces of the puzzle in place you can start hammering away at your craft.

Bottom line, you need to man up and see that it isn’t all that bad. Quit running home to your friends and parents at night begging for their approval. Instead, sack up and start living a life of your choosing without any of the nonsense about “worst decision” coming in to block up your game plan.

You have chosen this road before you. Now it is time to take the path and execute aggressively until you see the results that you demand.

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