Little Known Reasons Sean Rodriguez Made Me $900 Last Night

Rodriguez is looking hot today guys. Yesterday he finished with over 18 Fpts at a salary of only $2400. What is even crazier is that is salary is even lower today. You need to pick him up for your Pirates stack. In regards to that, Rodriguez is going to feed into Harrison’s spot. Supposedly, Harrison is out because of an illness (good thing it isn’t an injury; maybe it is but they aren’t spilling the beans). You might decide to fade Rodriguez, but playing him last night made me easy Benjamins. I am looking for him to do the very same tonight.

Another thing about opportunities: this is what I always tell you guys when you hit me up asking for lineup advice! You have to look for those places where people just aren’t seeing it. Sean Rodriguez is one of those guys. Grinders have the dude placed at two stars. When you can start watching trends for yourself and stop relying on the mainstream picks, you are going to start killing it.

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2 comments on “Little Known Reasons Sean Rodriguez Made Me $900 Last Night”

  1. Tikku Reply

    Dang! I knew I should have put in more money with Rodriguez. I was still able to make $130 off of him, but definitely nowhere near what you made. Going to keep a close eye on this site for future picks. Thanks!

    • Clayton Reply

      At least you picked him up. I didn’t realize it and missed the easy money 🙁

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