Making Tough Life Decisions the Easy Way

An absolutely amazing thing happens when you start to live up to the values you have decided upon. Plenty of people have great ideas about what they want in life; they have their end goal mapped out and know what they need to do to get there. But obviously, just taking a look around will show you that ideas and execution are completely different things.

The execution is what’s worth so much money and it’s why companies can afford to pay consultants outrageous amounts of money for their knowledge to improve execution. It’s difficult to live out a life that perfectly meets your criteria and helps you to constantly move towards your goal.

The only way you can truly make this happen is to live upon a core set of values. What are these values? It is going to depend on what you find important. If making a lot of money and being an alpha male is a large part of your end game, you will probably find that hustle, effort, and grind all become additions to the vocabulary that you use to live by.

These words will then become the “vales” that you live by. Here is the cool part and where it becomes useful. When you are faced with an extremely tough life decision, you don’t have to sit around and debate what to do for days or even weeks. Instead, you can look at the options in front of you, and make the objective call based on whatever opportunity most aligns with you values as a man.

Say you are faced with the chance to go on a trip where you would get to take a lot of photographs. The other option would be a new job across town to work at a marketing agency. They both sound like great things to do with your time. How do you decide? It’s simple. Which one is going to carry you further for your specific goals? If you want to start your own studio some day and take photographs professionally, the trip would be better. However, if you want to start your own firm and consult for people in the future, the marketing gig is obviously the clear choice.

Bottom line, your life is going to be faced with countless options and choices. The easy and successful way to navigate these occurrences is to behave in accordance with your core values. From there, you literally can’t make a mistake.

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