More Vegan Nonsense, Now They’re Saying THIS…Will They Ever Stop?


If you are thinking about becoming a vegetarian, you might want to consider the full ramifications of your decision. This post wasn’t made to call out people for their religious beliefs. I get that. Have a disease that forces you to live a veggy lifestyle? That’s okay too.

I’ve heard the same arguments over and over and over. They didn’t make any logical sense the first time I heard them; nothing has changed.

One of the big arguments is “Oh, but you’re killing animals!” Really? Do you know how many microorganisms and bacteria die every single day? It’s part of the cycle of life.

And, if you are truly concerned with the loss of mammalian life, why don’t you actually get behind a real issue like stopping ISIS or other ravenous groups that are actually trying to harm people. Nah, that might actually take some time and effort. Instead, vegans and vegetarians just want a platform to cry from. Every kindergartner wants attention; it looks like these people are operating on the same level.

Furthermore, where is your proof that living a vegetarian life is any better than an omnivorous lifestyle? Oh yeah, that’s right…You don’t have any. If you did, more people would subscribe to your crazy and out-dated ideas of “saving the planet.” Grow up.

There are a lot of psychological frameworks one has the option to stand behind. The only ones that make any actual sense are those that recognize our finite time on this planet. Anything else is just noise. We’re only on this floating rock for a blip in the eternal timeline. You might as well enjoy what you do as long as you aren’t hurting other forms of intelligent life.

Tasty Bacon

In other words, just east the hamburger and quit complaining about it. Becoming a vegetarian or vegan isn’t going to lead to the magical diet cure for cancer. There are bigger and more pressing issues to worry about. If you want to make a true different, pick a cause worth actually fighting for and stick at it.

One of the biggest things that vegans love to point to is the possible decrease in emissions that comes from “just saying no” to meat. There is a huge fallacy with that though, and it makes perfect sense. Vegans and vegetarians are privileged people who have never faced hardship. A study conducted late last year shows that it just isn’t possible to create a world where everyone is a vegan or vegetarian. A majority of the world population lives on less than a dollar a day.

Yet, instead of fighting the economical problems like the one described above, vegans want to “save the world” by lowering emissions, which wouldn’t even work anyway for the reasons listed.

We know 99% of vegetarians and vegans won’t do that though. To those of them that finally see the light, we applaud you.

If you want to see the study referenced for yourself, click here.

18 comments on “More Vegan Nonsense, Now They’re Saying THIS…Will They Ever Stop?”

  1. Terry Reply

    I love that the study you reference acknowledges the health and environmental benefits of a plant based diet. Keep spreading that vegan message more and more people are listening everyday #science

    • Jon Reply

      Maybe it’s you that needs to learn science? If you aren’t aware, looking at the conclusion within the APA formatted study will give you the info I referenced. But, you probably have never seen a scientific piece of work before.

  2. Carl Reply

    Terrible article. Your arguments aren’t based on facts. Do your research.

    • Jon Reply

      Maybe you just can’t handle the truth? Yeah, that seems more like it.

  3. Camille Reply

    Time to actually educate yourself on the topic with real facts.

    • Jon Reply

      The real facts are in the article. Apparently you aren’t a good reader either.

  4. Bill Reply

    I see no facts, just delusion. If you’re going to say something at least prove what you’re saying.

  5. glenn Reply

    I’m a vegan, and am all for getting rid of ISIS. I think there are valid studies that show what eating red meat does to harm your body. I think its called “cows revenge”. so I don’t want to east a burger.

    • Jon Reply

      Finally, a civilized comment. Thanks for your thoughts Glenn. The point of the article is to show that pushing veganism for “world benefit” is way off base.

  6. Aleen MCCOLLISTER Reply

    YES. all they say above and please learn to spell or proof your copy before posting it.

    Where in the World did all of your facts come from? Also comparing microorganisms/bacteria to living creatures with feelings and purpose? WOW WOW WOW>

    As long as we aren’t hurting OTHER forms of intelligent life? Again Wow.!!

    How do you know we don’t get behind other causes like ISIS and or other World Issues. You are an idiot :/

    Millions of other people are subscribing to this belief, improving their health and the Planet. Get used to it buddy.. because it’s happening.
    Seriously? Why would one WAIT until they have a disease to go on a Veggie diet instead of trying to prevent a disease? Your logic is INSANE!!

    By the way.. Please use spell checker to check your copy before posting your BS.
    You say EAST that hamburger instead of EAT. SMH

    • Tsu Reply

      Lady you are way off base. Additionally, there are zero grammatical/spelling errors. You might want to go take an English class down at your community college. Maybe they can teach you to form a coherent sentence.

      • Anti ISIS united Reply

        “In other words, just east the hamburger and quit complaining about it.” Can you even English?

        • Tsu Reply

          Yes, but clearly you can’t. The sentence you picked has zero grammatical and spelling issues. Nice try buddy.

    • Terry Reply

      You get behind a strong military and openly show support for candidates that won’t cower to other nations.

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