One Weird Trick That Solved My “Shyness,” You Can Do THIS Immediately

One Weird Trick That Solved My "Shyness," You Can Do THIS Immediately

Everything end up being a “performance” for shy people when it comes to social interactions. It’s why shy and introverted people feel so drained at the end of a long day of dealing with family, friends, coworkers, and strangers. Bottom line, being around large groups of unknown people is a huge energy drain if you aren’t extroverted.

But, the best “shy” and “introverted” people perform so well socially that you probably wouldn’t ever expect them to be socially awkward. At the end of the day, we are all simply products of our environment. If you had an oppressed upbringing you might behave shyer on the outset. However, that doesn’t determine your final resting place. You can learn to perform so well that people have absolutely no clue you would ever go into the introvert category.

But how do you get over the shyness? You just pretend that it doesn’t affect you. You need to realize that at any point in time, your subconscious is telling you what is “okay” socially and what isn’t. If you can flip the switch and start thinking another way, you can completely change your outset and thus how you behave.

Next time you are out in the club or at a bar, start to think of your social interactions as miniature “performances.” Get out there and give it your best shot. Will you be perfect at the start? Definitely not. However, the more you put yourself into those uncomfortable situations, the more that you will be able to perform better and better.

You have to realize that being introverted is a huge blessing. Introverts are the type of people that can work insanely hard on projects and not constantly need the external validation of family and friends. Introverts are often free thinkers who develop their own paths and do their own thing. Extroverts would have no chance at doing these things. It just isn’t in their mental framework.

While extraverts are out partying to “recharge” their batteries, you are inside doing the same thing. While they are drinking and behaving nonsensically (nothing wrong with that if you’ve earned it!) you are at home refining your craft or working on your project. You are slaving away and putting in the work while you rejuvenate and get away from others. Talented and successful introverts often spend weeks or months “in the dark” to develop an awesome idea or business.

And you know what the end result is? A killer money-making machine and the satisfaction of getting dirty and building something that you can look at and say “I created that.”

If you are shy or introverted, put aside the nonsense and start to think of every social play as a performance. Focus on being a better performer over time and enjoy the benefits of being a natural lone wolf.

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