Please Don’t Be A Dorky “Pickup Artist,” Instead Run Alpha Male Game


Game isn’t about a set of tricks that you learned online by some pickup artist. It isn’t about “tricking” the girl into liking you. Nope, instead it is about coming into your prime as a man and building your lifestyle to a point where any girls cherishes the chance to be in your world.

This is hard work and it takes time. As cliché as it sounds, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your ultimate lifestyle won’t either. It takes at least a decade to become a Boss. That’s okay though. What else are you going to be doing?

Game is like a form of investing. If you already have a substantial amount of “assets,” you can live off of the interest. If you have already built yourself up as a man, you can begin to enjoy the privileges that accompany it.

If you focus on building yourself up as a man and developing a boss lifestyle, it will pay dividends over and over again. It’s all about laying the brick and placing the foundation for those long-term residual gains that are going to keep coming in time and time again.

Now that you heard it, it’s time to get your clothing on point, your physique dialed in, your bankroll increasing, and your brain expanding with constant learning. These things are going to add up and exponentially contribute to pushing your ceiling for achievement higher and higher.

Where do you end up? What sort of deep character will you build over time? If you have ever seen a beta male flinch after someone pretended to hit them, you know how pathetic it looks. Don’t be that guy. Be the Alpha Male that is grounded in his environment and emanates complete presence to those around him.

Focus on giving off the body language that is going to tag you as a dominant male. Start taking up space. Start saying what you want to say. Drop any ounce of political correctness in your body and truly vibe like a man. People can feel it. That includes women especially.

Getting your finances up will probably have the most effect on your overall game though. It doesn’t matter how many pickup artists you want to point to. Do you think a woman wants to go out on a date with a guy who won’t even pay for her because “they haven’t done anything yet?” What kind of a mentality is that? I don’t know, but it definitely isn’t the mentality of an alpha male in his prime.

It isn’t about paying for the girls either. It’s just about being able to chill out. If you have dominated the financial aspect of your life, it relieves so much stress and anxiety. You come off as much more calm and collected. It’s because you aren’t worried about anything but enjoying life as much as possible. It is a great flavor of freedom and liberty to have.

Some may think this is a bunch of nonsense. They may say it’s all about this or that. Who cares? You have what you have. Like what you get and don’t throw a fit. That’s what a friend of mine always used to say. It rings true.

Game isn’t about being a dorky guy running around the club. It’s about taking up the space and giving off the presence that shows others your air of confidence and masculinity.

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