Quit Lying to Yourself, Stand Strong and Prepare to Meet it on the Battlefield

Quit Lying to Yourself, Stand Strong and Prepare to Meet it on the Battlefield

Do you feel fear? Yes. All of us do. Beyond that, fear can be used to push us to the very edge of our limits, lean slightly beyond, and grow immensely. Fear is one of the best ways to light a fire under you. That fire will drive you day and night as you work towards your goals and dreams.

Those who have braved the world we live on and have faced their fears head on have conquered their dreams. It’s that simple. Those who aren’t living congruent to their values and aren’t striving for their goals have let fear plague their mind.

When you are at the brink of a difficult decision and faced to choose between two paths, always ask yourself the age-old question: “what is the very worst that could go wrong here?” The key to thinking about this isn’t to actually picture the worst case scenario as a probability. No, it’s actually the exact opposite. Often times, when you realize that the worst case scenario really isn’t that bad, and isn’t that likely to occur, you instantly become rushed with energy as there’s nothing to stop you or stand in your way.

If you are afraid of something, you need to do it. Furthermore, you need to do it now. Afraid of getting rejected by a girl and hurting your self-righteous ego? Go outside right now and start cold approaching every single female that you see. Afraid of heights? Go find the biggest canyon jump you can and just do it.

If you aren’t facing your fears you aren’t living life as a full and true man. You need to. You need to do it starting today.

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