Some Things You Didn’t Know About Your Family and Friends

You’re on this site because you have a vision of something that you want to create. However, your friends and family have a different view of that vision. Take a good look around and make note of those people. They aren’t going to be around when you take your spot on the throne.

Don’t have them for it. They won’t do it on purpose. Everyone isn’t cut out for this lifestyle. Most people just don’t have it in them. You know fear very well. You felt the fear of failure hanging over your head when you made the leap (if you haven’t, you need to do it immediately). Your family and friends feel the exact same fear. But the difference is they never did anything about it. They decided to ignore it and concede to their life of mediocrity.

When they find out that you are going for it, and letting nothing stop you or get in your way to the top, they will begin to realize that they made a huge mistake. They will see you stepping up and evolving to the next level. They will come to the conclusion that they abandoned their dreams for the easy way out.

When you took that step to become king, it hit them. They can no longer go to sleep at night and feel secure and satisfied with their efforts. Everyone is sitting at the bottom of the bucket. When someone starts to climb out, get ready because it is about to get real, and it is going to happen fast. In all honesty, these people have no clue why they are doing it. They are becoming dream crushers without even realizing it. They surrendered early in life to a society that doesn’t care about them. They want you to do the same thing. They already understand that you are going to make it to the top and reap massive rewards.

You will quickly realize that mixing friendship and business is a terrible idea. Your family and friends are going to come at you with a thousand reasons why you haven’t “thought through your plan” or “taken into account” a million other things that don’t even matter. They will have to learn to respect you on your journey or quickly be phased out of your life plan. If they fail to earn your respect with their support, they will become nothing but anchors. You must cut them off. You have one life to live. Don’t let someone else stand in the way of the life that you deserve and are willing to work for.

If someone doesn’t fit into your life design, they have to go. This isn’t brutal. This is how it has to be. A lot of people may read this and get upset. That’s okay and I don’t care. You know why? I don’t need those people in my inner circle in the first place, because those are the exact people that are going to do whatever they can to cut me off at any chance they get. It is funny to hear these people make claims about “money not mattering” and “life being about relationships,” because they will be the first person to cut you off in traffic or steal from you. They are hypocrites and deserve to be called out. Anyone who is invading your space and stepping to you with negativity can’t be allowed to remain for long.

An odd thing happens when you set strong boundaries and let people know that you won’t stand for their irresponsible and immature actions. A few times in my life I decided that I needed to cut off someone who had been a great friend in the past. You know what happened? They respected me for it and realized that a change needed to be made. They fixed the problem. Months or years later this person and I can begin our relationship again. The best part? It has been strengthened tenfold and their life is impacted in a positive way because they were able to look up to someone who would stand for something. There are plenty of people in this world that won’t stand for anything. Becoming a man of value who won’t accept sub-par behavior is something that people don’t see. It’s refreshing.

So get ready. If you are about to grab your life by the balls and charge forward, you have got to understand one thing: only you are going to do anything to further your bottom line. Everyone else is secondary and fill fall by the wayside. When the dust has settled, don’t be surprised than no one else is left standing. And if there actually is someone left, you will be able to look at that person and know that they are a true individual of character who wanted you to make it to the top all along.

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