The Main Reason Why Personal Development Programs Don’t Work

There has been a ton of personal development stuff that has come out of the woodwork lately. The programs and advice that people are trying to sell are worse than snake oil. Not only do they not work, they get your hopes up. Real personal development is a combination of a lot of things, but there are certain themes that tie everything together. They aren’t secretive and there aren’t any gimmicks. They are age-old principles that hammer true time and time again.

When it comes down to it, any change that you make in your life is going to come down to effort. How hard are you willing to work towards what you want in life to make it happen? Are you willing to put in the countless hours and brave the multiple failures that you are sure to encounter? Most people aren’t, and that’s cool, because if you read some of my other posts, you know that I recognize not everyone needs to live the life that I have personally chosen for myself.

But I am expecting you are not like the people I described. You are on this site because you see something, an opportunity. You also realize that we are at the forefront of one of the greatest times in human history. Never before has there been an opportunity for someone to start a business and have access to literally 3.2 BILLION people.

If you take the opportunity before you and start to build things with an insatiable hustle, there is literally no way for you to fail. Think about that for a second. If you are putting in 18 hours a day, every single day, every single week, every single month, you can’t lose. If you have to go to work, I get it. But that is only part of the day. Every single hour of the day can be used to start building the future that you want to have for yourself.

Hustle is hard to find though. Look around at your friends and family. Most likely, there isn’t a single person that is truly hustling it out. This isn’t child’s play that we are talking about here. This isn’t a fun game that you play so that you can run to Snapchat and Instagram and show everyone how cool that you are to get external validation that will make you feel cozy at night. This is your life. You only have one shot at it. Why not buckle down and put forth the investment ahead of time so that you will have something of value to look back upon in the future?

It just makes way too much sense. For every action that you take right now, there will be multiplied effects tomorrow. This goes both ways. If you decide to start a business or side hustle, and put in 18 hours today, know that tomorrow you will be in an even better position to reach an even larger audience. And guess what, a year from now when your project is getting the attraction of 10,000 people a day, you will look at the guy next to you who hasn’t even started yet. That guy lost out by the law of exponential gains. While he is struggling to build up to the 10,000 mark, you will already be at 100,000. You just dominated the landscape and that guy has no chance.

The reverse is also true though. If you decide to squander the beautiful opportunity available to you, get ready to have some serious regrets later in life. For every hour that you waste today, you are further cementing the highest level you can reach. There is only so much time. And you are only going to be willing to work 18 hours a day for so long. Do you think you are really going to out-hustle some 21 year old guy when you are 45? Forget about it. You won’t even stand a chance.

So why not put in the hours today? Why not completely go after what you want with such vigor that there is no way you lose? Personal development products don’t work 99% of the time because you go into them thinking that you are going to get rich and slay females by next week. It doesn’t work like that. Intuitively, you know that. But, you’re too much of a coward to admit to yourself that you aren’t willing to put in the hours and dedicate yourself to dominating your environment and building the lifestyle that you want.

Forget about all of the shiny products promising you the end game before you even stepped on to the court. You think that’s how it works son? You think I would be out here hustling and grinding every day if there was some magic pill? That’s nonsense. Don’t be a fool. Do yourself some justice and reevaluate what you want in life and why you want it. Find your burning desire. Find what drives you to go for it.

I’m driven by an immense fear. I am driven by the fear that one day I will wake up when I am 40 and realize that I’m not where I want to be. And guess what; there is nothing that I will be able to do about it. Time is going to pass regardless, so get up and start grinding. No one is waiting for you. You will have to build it yourself.

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  1. Daniel Reply

    Thanks for the post man. The piece about exponential results makes too much sense.

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