The Value Trick That Converts Like Crazy

Value. It’s a word that I talk about all of the time. If you can determine players and lineups that are valuable, from those that aren’t, you will soon be swimming in the dough like it’s nothing. Doing this is obviously easier said than done, but it’s still not that hard either. You have to start analyzing the leagues that you play in consistently. Once you have begun to gather data on players and matchups, you can neatly organize it inside of a program such as excel. From there, using mathematical analysis you can start to make the player decisions that will equal points and real-world cash.

Again though, we get back to the concept of creating a “value strategy” for determining which players to get involved with. If you can determine this for yourself using the tips that I have included on the site, you will be a rich man for years to come (it doesn’t look like DFS is going anywhere).

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