Why Guys Who Get This Concept Almost Always Take Money Home In Daily Fantasy Sports

If you are looking to start killing it with your lineups and even start making enough to leave your job, you need to pay attention to bigger themes. You know what McCutchen, Cervelli, and Mercer have in common? Probably not, because you are too concerned with their individual stats to look at whom they are hitting against.

You have to start using your head. One of you guys sent me an email this morning asking why your lineup didn’t work out when you did statistical analysis on batting average and weighted on base average. You know what I told him? Depth. You have to look around you and try to figure out why the statistics are working out that way in the first place. You need to add depth to your approach and find the trends that are going to add up to make you that sweet money.

The uniting theme in all of the guys I listed is Patrick Corbin. The dude is a left hander and can cause some issues for certain players. Guess what? Andrew McCutchen is slugging over 50% right now against left-handers. If you aren’t making the connection, this easy money probably isn’t so easy for you. For the guys that are still following, I just gave you some powerful information (probably too much, honestly).

Start applying a holistic approach to your MLB stacks and watch the stacks of green start flowing like milk and honey.

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  1. Tom Reply

    So true Jon. I see guys in my skype group who are messing up left and right with this.

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