Why I Chose Granderson and Conforto to Walk Away With $550

Being right in the world of DFS is what is going to make the difference between you dominating and you losing. Tonight I stacked Curtis Granderson with Michael Conforto with the New York Jets and completely dominated. I was considering throwing in David Wright because he sat out on Tuesday and I had a good feeling that he would come out strong tonight. But, I didn’t and that’s how it goes sometimes.

I went with Granderson because of his lower salary in today’s game, along with the performance that he had a couple of days ago when he hit that homer against the Brewers. Overall I think the guy is super undervalued in a lot of guy’s lineups. He is definitely someone you want to take a look at. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that it is the dudes eighth homer this season. If your brain isn’t spinning at this point with all of the possibilities, something is up with you.

Conforto made it on my top list because of his strong appeal for strikeout rates. A lot of people think he is average there, but he has pulled out for me in the past plenty of times so I keep him in my back pocket when I have to.

It’ll be nice to walk about with $560 dollars tonight boys.

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