Why Paying Your Bills Is Probably the WORST Thing You Could Ever Do


Simple minded people are always trying to tell me that there is no money or security in what I am doing. Joke’s on these people because they are going to miss out huge on life. In all honesty, it only takes common sense to recognize that making money digitally is the way to go. You have the freedom to travel whenever and wherever you want without the hassle of worrying about the trivial aspects of day-to-day life such as going to work and “paying your bills.”

All the time I am trying to create and find opportunities that are going to lead to the most cash later down the road. This means that I have to take a maximalist approach. What does this mean? It means that I need to focus on maximizing my time as much as humanly possible. When you realize that 24 hours in a day really isn’t that long, you start grinding it out because you know that’s exactly what is going to lead to those long-lasting results.

Furthermore, I want more out of life. As a maximalist I want to be able to live life to the absolutely fullest. What if I decide to move to Poland for a year and live in the city center of Krakow? What if I want to fly over to Southeast Asia and live in a tropical villa in Bali? I want the world to be completely at my fingertips. I want to wake up every single day and do exactly what I want to without having to take anything from anyone else. I want the absolute maximum amount of pleasure out of life for the hours and hours of grind that I decide to put in.

Now you have put yourself into a mindset of total abundance with the world around you. When you maximize your lifestyle you are making conscious decisions that will alter your journey. This automatically leads to viewing the world as your oyster. You will shift from being fearful of money and the harsh truths of the world to valuing life as a whole and using money as a tool to allow you to live the lifestyle that you want.

It’s all about lifestyle design, and nothing to do with “paying your dues” or “logging the hours.” Stay true to yourself, your path, and those whom you value. It’s going to be okay.

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