Why Taking the Safe Path is the Worst Thing You Could Ever Do

You have two options at any point in time. You be risk-averse and avoid complicating your life by going to college and getting that job your parents wanted you to get. Or, you can go for it and see what happens. I have already expressed my opinion on work ethic. Bottom line, if you are working 18 hours a day, you are going to win. Plain and simple.

Taking the “plan B” path is setting yourself up for failure from the get go. You are, right out of the gate, telling your subconscious self and everyone around you that you are going to settle for a life of mediocrity. It’s ridiculous. Look around you. Everyone seems to be spending so much time building up their backup plan that they never actually go for it. Why even call it your backup plan? Just call it like it is and realize that you are a coward. You want to be an alpha male and a baller but you that deep down you are too scared to go for it.

If you have the focus to stick it through, you have everything that it takes. Don’t sit around until your 30s “building up” your plan B. By the time you get there, the gold rush of opportunities will be gone, and you will be that much older with a fraction of the leverage. All of these people are trying to get plans to fall back on, but the problem is that no one ever takes the leap to ever need the backup plan. They are living their half-hearted backup plan every single day of their life. They realized that life is a lot cozier when you can go to work and be told what to do every day. They realized that they are scared of change and beg for stability. That’s not what long-term success looks like.

You want stability? Guess what, everyone does. Life is scary man. There are countless unknowns and things that could go wrong. It is the reason that people pray to a God that they can’t see. It gives them comfort. It tells them that everything is going to be okay. They can squander their time on the earth and go to bed smiling because it will “all be worth it” in the afterlife. That’s not living, and it’s definitely not living an alpha lifestyle.

You want your stability? Click the x in the upper right hand corner of your screen right now. You don’t need to be on this site. I know where you are going to end up when you are 80 years old. You know how I know that? I can look around at any elderly person around me. That’s exactly where you will end up with your status quo lifestyle that tells you everything is going to be okay.

You have one life in front of you and one opportunity to make a change. This isn’t some movie that can be replayed and rewound. You can’t just pause the video and wait until later to resume. You got one shot. If you don’t go for it now, prepare to fail. As you get older, it is just going to become harder and harder to make the switch. You are going to get sucked into a society that tells you what you want to hear every night. You will run to turn on the TV and beg for their permission on what to think. You aren’t making your own decisions and forming your own ideas. They are doing it for you.

You want to reach baller status? Wake up and start living. There is never going to come a time in your life where it is the “perfect time” to take action. What you have is exactly what is before you. Get ready for failure because it’s coming. But know one thing. When you are beaten and battered by the world, you will go to sleep at night a champion because you actually stood for something. You saw what was going on around you and disagreed. That wasn’t good enough for you. That wasn’t going to make you happy. You were marching straight into a bland life worse than death.

Get ready to go all in on your ideas and hustle. The whole safety net doesn’t even exist. You employer can find someone cheaper to do your job? You’re gone. That’s it. The college revolution that your parent’s parents lived through is over and past. A company isn’t going to pay you to do a job where they can write a description for it. The true money and success is in a job where your job titled is undefined. True success is where your creative attitude is in a constant struggle with the world around you, where you are living and breathing each day to create something better than the day before.

The biggest problem is that everyone is too afraid to go at it 100%. They are so afraid of failure that they never even give themselves a fighting change. They set themselves up for failure from the very beginning. After each moment of darkness, there comes light with the break of dawn. Don’t sever your position from the get go because you are too afraid to commit. Go after it and just see what happens. At the end of the world and your part in its history you will be able to say that you went head to head with titatns. You will be able to say that for your small part in the blip of what time means in the universe you leaned into the world, giving the absolute fullest expression of your gifts and deepest humanity.

Instead, most of you will settle for the cozy 9 to 5 life where you work for someone dumber than you doing things that don’t even matter. That is no way to live life, and it definitely isn’t how you need to plan from the start. Light a fire under you and get going. It’s the only option you have.


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