Women Shouldn’t Join The Military, Do You Really Want Your Safety In Their Hands?

Women In Combat

There are countless reasons why women shouldn’t be in the military. You could author 10 different books with 10 different angles of why it doesn’t make any logical sense to allow women to serve in combat arms positions.

But, you know what trumps every single other metric you could possibly come up with? Experience. It was tried, and it failed miserably. When the Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force unit was stood up, the sergeant major of the army came forward and made an official statement.

He said a lot about the current state of the Army and how the military is run. However, he had key things to say about women in the new “test unit:”

“We selected our best women for this test unit, selected our most mature female leaders as well. The men (me included) were the most progressive and open minded that you could get. The commander of this unit was a seasoned and successful infantryman. The XO of this unit was as good as they get, so good the USMC made her the CO of the Officer Candidate School. I just selected the SgtMaj of the unit to head up our senior enlisted academy at Camp Lejeune, NC. No one went in to this with the mentality that we did not want this to succeed. No Marine, regardless of gender would do that.

With our limited manpower we cannot afford to not train everyone to the best of their abilities. This was as stacked as a unit could get with the best Marines to give it a 100 percent success rate as we possibly could. End result? The best women in The GCEITF as a group in regard to infantry operations were equal or below in most all cases to the lowest 5 percent of men as a group in this test study. They are slower on all accounts in almost every technical and tactical aspect and physically weaker in every aspect across the range of military operations.”

That’s it. The discussion is over. They picked the best possible female for the job, and even she couldn’t do it. They created the best possible scenario, and it still didn’t turn out good.

Women just can’t compete with men on the physical and military level. They aren’t hard-wired that way. That’s okay. Women beat men in other things. It isn’t a black and white all-out competition all the time. Sometimes you just leave a man to do a man’s job. Does it have to be that complicated?

On top of the performance issues, there are just too many operational hurdles. If you are crossing a stream in the middle of the night and it is cold outside, and your unit has to quickly strip down to nothing and get dry gear on, and you’re a female, are you going to be okay with that?

I’m sure any big-headed feminist with an ego the size of Texas is going to confidently answer “Yes!” However, we all know that isn’t true. They want to hang out with military men, until it’s time to do military men things.

The final straw is just the fact that most guys just don’t want it to happen. Why would you introduce females to a collective of guys that mimic a fraternity closer than any other type of group? You must be dumb. There’s really no other explanation.

Let the men do their job and this country will continue to stay safe. Start changing things up to make everyone feel better, and you have a big issue on your hands. Well, it looks like we now have that issue.

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